FLoC Workshops (by block)

FLoC 2014 will host over 70 workshops, each affiliated with at least one of the eight FLoC conferences. The following table shows all FLoC workshops chronologically grouped by their assigned FLoC workshop block. For a listing grouped by conference, see FLoC workshops (by conference). For further information, please consult the FLoC workshop guide.

Block 1 (July 12–13)

2FC Two Faces of Complexity 2014
ACL2 12th International Workshop on the ACL2 Theorem Prover and its Applications
CL&C Fifth International Workshop on Classical Logic and Computation
DCM 10th International Workshop on Developments in Computational Models
DTP Dependently-Typed Programming
FWFM 2nd International Workshop Fun With Formal Methods
GSB Workshop on Gentzen Systems and Beyond 3
HOL 2014 International Workshop on the HOL Theorem Proving System
HOR Higher Order Rewriting
IFIP-WG16 Annual Meeting of the IFIP Working Group 1.6 (Term Rewriting)
Isabelle Isabelle Workshop 2014
IWC 3rd International Workshop on Confluence
LCC Workshop on Logic and Computational Complexity
LINEARITY 3rd International Workshop on Linearity
LOLA 5th Workshop on Syntax and Semantics of Low-Level Languages
LSB 5th International Workshop on Logic and Systems Biology
ORE The 3rd OWL Reasoner Evaluation Workshop
PC FLoC Workshop on Proof Complexity
POS Fifth Pragmatics of SAT workshop
QBF Second International Workshop on Quantified Boolean Formulas
SD 3rd Workshop on Structures and Deduction
TERMGRAPH 8th International Workshop on Computing with Terms and Graphs
UNIF The 28th International Workshop on Unification
WIR Workshop on Infinitary Rewriting
WPTE Workshop on Rewriting Techniques for Program Transformations and Evaluation

Block 2 (July 17–18)

ADDCT Automated Deduction: Decidability, Complexity, Tractability
AISS Algorithmics of Infinite State Systems 2014
APPA All about Proofs, Proofs for All
ASA 7th International Workshop on Analysis of Security APIs
CHR 11th International Workshop on Constraint Handling Rules
CICLOPS-WLPE International Joint Workshop on Implementation of Constraint and Logic Programming Systems and Logic-based Methods in Programming Environments 2014
Coq The 6th Coq Workshop
CSPSAT Fourth International Workshop on the Cross-Fertilization Between CSP and SAT, in conjunction with SAT 2014
EC2 7th International Workshop on Exploiting Concurrency Efficiently and Correctly
FCS-FCC Joint Workshop on Foundations of Computer Security and Formal and Computational Cryptography
HCVS Workshop on Horn Clauses for Verification and Synthesis
HOPA Higher Order Program Analysis
iPRA Interpolation: From Proofs to Applications
ITRS 7th Workshop on Intersection Types and Related Systems
LaSh 4th International Workshop on Logic and Search
LFMTP 9th International Workshop on Logical Frameworks and Meta-languages: Theory and Practice
NLCS Second Workshop on Natural Language and Computer Science
NLSR Natural Language Services for Reasoners
NSV 7th International Workshop on Numerical Software Verification
ParSearchOpt Parallel Methods for Search & Optimization
PAS Third International Seminar on Program Verification, Automated Debugging and Symbolic Computation
PCCR 2nd Workshop on the Parameterized Complexity of Computational Reasoning
PLP Workshop on Probabilistic Logic Programming
PSC Proof, Structure and Computation
QED Twenty Years of the QED Manifesto
QUANTIFY First International Workshop on Quantification
RCRA 21st RCRA International Workshop on “Experimental Evaluation of Algorithms for solving problems with combinatorial explosion”
REORDER Third International Workshop on Memory Consistency Models
SMT 12th International Workshop on Satisfiability Modulo Theories
STAST 4th International Workshop on Socio-Technical Aspects in Security and Trust
UITP User Interfaces for Theorem Provers
VEMDP International Workshop on Verification of Engineered Molecular Devices and Programs 2014
VPT Second International Workshop on Verification and Program Transformation
VSTTE Working Conference on Verified Software: Theories, Tools, and Experiments
WST 14th International Workshop on Termination
WWV 10th International Workshop on Automated Specification and Verification of Web Systems

Block 3 (July 23–24)

ARQNL Automated Reasoning in Quantified Non-Classical Logics
ARW-DT Joint Automated Reasoning Workshop and Deduktionstreffen
ASPOCP 7th Workshop on Answer Set Programming and Other Computing Paradigms
FRIDA Workshop on Formal Reasoning in Distributed Algorithms
HSB 3rd International Workshop on Hybrid Systems Biology
PAAR 4th Workshop on Practical Aspects of Automated Reasoning
PRUV First Workshop on Logics for Reasoning about Preferences, Uncertainty, and Vagueness
RS Reactive Systems: Directions in Development and Analysis
SYNT 3rd Workshop on Synthesis
Vampire The Vampire Workshop
VERIFY 8th International Verification Workshop
VeriSure Second VeriSure Workshop
WING 5th International Workshop on Invariant Generation