Honorary Committee


Heinz Fischer
Federal President of the Republic of Austria

Honorary Committee

Reinhold Mitterlehner
Federal Minister of Science, Research and Economy

Michael Häupl
Mayor and Governor of Vienna

Erwin Pröll
Governor of Lower Austria

Anton Zeilinger
President of the Austrian Academy of Sciences

Pascale Ehrenfreund
President of Austrian Science Fund FWF

Veit Sorger
Chairman of the Vienna University of Technology University Council

Heinz W. Engl
Rector of the University of Vienna

Sabine Seidler
Rector of the Vienna University of Technology

Johannes Fröhlich
Vice Rector for Research, Vienna University of Technology

Michael Drmota
Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Geoinformation, Vienna University of Technology

Gerald Steinhardt
Dean of the Faculty of Informatics, Vienna University of Technology