Guided Tours

Guided Tours of Secession

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The tour starts at the Secession building (Friedrichstraße 12, 1010 Vienna) and gives an overview of the history and architecture of the Secession.

Maximum number of participants per tour: 25
Cost: 7 € per person
Duration: approx. 1h
Language: English

Sunday, July 13, 4.30pm
Friday, July 18, 4.30pm
Saturday, July 19, 4.30pm
Wednesday, July 23, 10.30am

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Vienna Circle Guided Tours

The tours start at the Freihaus building, Vienna University of Technology (registration area).

Maximum number of participants per tour: 30
Cost: 15 € per person, payable to the tour guide at the beginning of the tour
Duration: approx. 2h
Language: English

Tour 1: Friday, July 18 at 10:00am

Tour 2: Monday, July 21 at 10:30am -CANCELLED

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Tour description:
The group of mathematicians, logicians and philosophers, called “Vienna Circle”, strongly influenced scientific as well as cultural life in Vienna at the beginning of the 20th century. Four phases of the Vienna Circle can be distinguished:

1. 1907–1914: Philipp Frank, Hans Hahn and Otto Neurath meet for the discussion of scientific and philosophical topics.
2. 1918–1924: roundtable discussions under the informal direction of Hans Hahn. The mathematician Hahn brings foundational questions of mathematics and logic into the focus.
3. 1924–1928: so-called non-public phase of the Vienna Circle. Regular Thursday meetings under the direction of Moritz Schlick. Selected members meet also with Ludwig Wittgenstein.
4. 1928–1938: so-called public phase of the Vienna Circle. Starting from the foundation of the “Verein Ernst Mach” and the publication of the manifest “Wissenschaftliche Weltauffassung: Der Wiener Kreis” (1929). Since 1926 Rudolf Carnap lectures in Vienna. After the murder of Schlick in 1936 the circle suffers a tragic loss. Until 1938 the circle continues some activity under the direction of Friedrich Waismann before it finally dissolves.

To each of the phases we will visit a place that is particularly important for that phase.

The stops will be:

1 Ernst Mach Memorial (1926)
2 Moritz Schlick’s Assassination (1936)
3 Hans Hahn at the University (1921–1934)
4 Hans Hahn a.o. at the Mathematical Institute (Kurt Gödel Lecture Room)
5 Palais Batthyány-Schönborn (Renngasse 4) – First Meeting of Wittgenstein and Schlick (1927)
6 The Old City Hall – Meeting Place of the “Ernst Mach Society” (1928)
7 Café Central – Example of Vienna’s Coffee-House Culture