Meeting Setup Instructions

EasyChair Setup

  1. Register your meeting in EasyChair by following this link.
    You can supply (acronym all lowercase, no year), e.g. as event homepage URL, see below how to set up these pages.
  2. Use Administration -> Create program and enter the code you received via email to join VSL’14.


For each meeting, we generate pages on the VSL’14 website, including program committee, accepted papers, program etc. You may also add arbitrary custom pages in EasyChair. For an example, see

While this EasyChair-based solution should work well for most events, you may want to host your own external website. Feel free to follow the design of this website, a detailed design guide and support material (logos etc.) is available. In this case we ask that you link to VSL ( from the top-right corner of your external website using the VSL logo, and still provide the most basic index and cfp pages in EasyChair as described below:

Instructions for editing in EasyChair

  1. After joining VSL in EasyChair, we will approve your request and add all PC chairs (as listed in EasyChair) as program managers to VSL. These program managers can edit webpages and the conference program for their event.
  2. Once invited as program manager, you may go to You will see a Pages tab in the main navigation bar, under which you can edit webpages for your meeting. The pages consist of HTML + “variables”, which expand as macros. By default you get a WYSIWYG editor, but you can change to plain HTML by selecting Tools -> Source code in the editor’s menu. You can view a list of available variables in EasyChair.
  3. Two pages need your attention: Please fill in basic information in the provided index and cfp (when available) templates. Do not remove the [*variable*] macros, they will be filled automatically by EasyChair! Feel free to add additonal subpages as you like.
  4. You can edit/save your page as many times as you need to. Use Pages -> Generate to test your page (this is just a preview).
  5. When the page is ready for publication, choose Update pages and remove the Draft? flag.
  6. There is a single entry page (the main page of your meeting linked from the menu) determined by the Entry? flag. Set this flag for the index page once you’re publishing it.
  7. Use Pages -> Publish to publish the pages.
  8. You may upload images/documents (e.g. the call for papers in PDF) in EasyChair. Please start the filename with ACRONYM-, e.g. RTA-TLCA-cfp.pdf.
  9. Enter PC members of your meeting. A PC listing page for each meeting is already being generated.
  10. Further common pages (committees, accepted papers, etc.) will be added automatically / just in time by us.
  11. Your executive license allows you to request help on technical questions in EasyChair (Help questions in the navigation bar).

Instructions for display on

  1. Each meeting has a generic URL (acronym all lowercase, no year), e.g. which is an alias to the entry page configured in EasyChair. (Please allow some time for the system to detect an updated entry page and adjust the alias.)
  2. You can deep-link to any EasyChair-generated page using, e.g.
  3. If your meeting has an external webpage, please update the reference in the index page accordingly. Otherwise, you may delete it.

Common information (Venue, Tourist Information …)

We will publish information relevant to all conferences (venue, tourist info, …) on As we will updated and extend the information on these pages, we ask you not to duplicate this information on external webpages, but instead link to the relevant pages on If you notice bugs or miss any information relevant to all events, feel free to point it out.