Meeting Setup Instructions: Program

Meetings should follow this procedure to setup their program:

  1. All program managers of VSL (= PC chairs of the individual meetings) can edit the program for their event.
  2. Find the sessions at your discretion in light blue color here.
    Do not diverge from the prescribed session layout!
    Do not schedule into coffee / lunch breaks!
    Do not schedule into evening events of your meeting / its associated stream!
    Do not create sessions for global VSL/FLoC events. They will be added at a later point.
  3. Go to After logging in, you will see three tabs Schedule, Talks and Sessions in the navigation bar that we’ll use to generate the program:
  4. First, add sessions to your event’s program: Go to Sessions -> Add and enter sessions on the days of your event. Coffee and lunch breaks as well as global VSL/FLoC sessions should not be entered at this point – we will add them later.
  5. Use Talks -> Add talks to adopt talks from submissions, possibly adding special talks.
  6. Assign talks to sessions:
    • automatically: use Schedule -> Generate
    • manually: use Sessions -> Assign talks
  7. Make sure to
    • add titles to your sessions (Sessions -> View),
    • enter session chairs (Sessions -> Chairs), and
    • to assign them (Sessions -> Assign chairs).
    • The room assignment will be done later.
  8. Use Schedule -> Analyze to check for your schedule for problems.
  9. The schedule is also displayed in the HTML program at as soon as you edit it and the pages are published. Make sure to re-publish the pages (Pages -> Publish) on significant program changes.
  10. Your executive license allows you to request help on technical questions in EasyChair (Help questions in the navigation bar).