Submission of Workshop Proposals

Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit proposals for workshops on topics in the field of computer science, related to logic in the broad sense. Each workshop proposal must indicate at least one conference to be affiliated with, and among those exactly one primary hosting conference.

It is suggested that prospective workshop organizers contact the relevant conference Workshop Chair(s) before submitting a proposal.

Proposals should be submitted electronically to EasyChair at the following address: (submission is now closed).

Proposals should consist of two parts. First, a short scientific justification of the proposed topic, its significance, and the particular benefits of the workshop to the community, as well as a list of previous or related workshops (if relevant). A second, organizational part should include:

  • contact information of the workshop organizers
  • proposed primary hosting conference (and possibly other affiliated conference(s))
  • estimate of the audience size
  • proposed format and agenda (for example, paper presentations, tutorials, demo sessions, etc.)
  • potential invited speakers
  • procedures for selecting papers and participants
  • plans for dissemination, if any (for example, special issues of journals)
  • duration (which may vary from one day to two days) and
  • preferred period

The FLoC Organizing Committee will determine the final list of accepted workshops based on the recommendations from the Workshop Chairs of the hosting conferences and subject to the availability of space and facilities.

Information for organisers of accepted of accepted workshops can be found here