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Vienna public transport

Vienna has an excellent public transport system. A public transport ticket for the city of Vienna (Zone 100 or Kernzone) is valid for any subway, tram, or bus operated by Wiener Linien and trains operated by ÖBB and WLB.

There are several kinds of tickets: A ticket for a single trip costs €2.10 and can be used for any single trip within Vienna. You may change lines, but must not interrupt your journey. Transit passes for one or several days may be more convinient. More information:

Public transport information in Google maps is incomplete! Instead, use the official app qando (iOS, Android, web) or Öffi for Android.

You can reach the university via the following lines:

Subway U1, U2, U4 at Karlsplatz
Tram lines 1 and 62 and Badner Bahn (WLB) at Resselgasse
Bus line 4A at Karlsplatz
Tram lines D, 2, 62, 71, and bus line 59A stop at the nearby station Kärntner Ring, Oper, which is connected to Karlsplatz via an underground crossing.

Taxi Services

+43 1 40100
+43 1 31300
+43 1 60160

Bike Share

Vienna has a well-developed bike share system called City Bike. Together with an extensive network of protected bike lanes and paths, it makes cycling a healthy and fun alternative to the subway to get to and from the conference site, or to take in the sights!

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After a one-time registration (€1.00), you can check out a bicycle at one of 120 automated stations throughout central Vienna. Bikes can be used for free for 1 hour, and can be returned to any station (space permitting). Registration requires a credit card. To save time, register on the website beforehand.

If you’re not used to cycling on European city streets:

(a) Turns on red are prohibited.
(b) Most minor intersections are uncontrolled, so do not assume that cross traffic has a stop sign. Always yield to the right.
(c) Beware of streetcar tracks, always cross at a safe angle.
(d) You can get a DUI on a bike. The legal limit is 0.8 bac, cyclists do get pulled over at checkstops, and the fine is €800.

More information on cycling in Vienna:

Interactive map with bike routes close to the conference venues: