RTA-TLCA Best Paper Awards

Guest post for RTA-TLCA

Sylvain Schmitz received the RTA-TLCA Best Paper Award for solving by his paper “Relevance Logic is 2-ExpTime-Complete” a problem open for 25 years. The proof uses reductions to and from coverability in branching vector addition systems.

Łukasz Czajka received the RTA-TLCA Best Student Paper Award for “A Coinductive Confluence Proof for Infinitary Lambda-Calculus”. Łukasz avoids the use of ordinals and metric convergence, making the proof thus better suitable for formalisation in a proof-assistant.

RTA-TLCA Best Paper Award
RTA-TLCA Best Student Paper Award

The awards were handed over during the RTA-TLCA dinner at a Viennese “Heurigen” on July 17.

RTA = Int. Conf. on Rewriting Techniques and Applications
TLCA = Int. Conf. on Typed Lambda Calculi and Applications

Design and production of awards: Barta Pokale, http://www.barta-pokale.at