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SIGLOG Launch event 15th July

Guest post by Prakash Panangaden

The Association of Computing Machinery has chartered a new special interest group (SIG) focussed on logic and computation. The new group, called SIGLOG, was chartered in April and was announced to the community at an event on the 15th of July at FLoC. There were about 100 people in attendence and the SIGLOG Chair (Prakash Panangaden) gave a brief presentation of the new group, its structure, aims and contributions to the logic and computation community. At the end of June membership stood at 111 and it is hoped that the group will grow to at least 200 by the end of July. The eventual target membership for the group is 500.
Information about SIGLOG can be found at where there is a Chair’s statement and a link to the page to join SIGLOG.

SIGLOG publishes an electronic newsletter for its members quarterly; the first issue was released on 1st July. This newsletter will feature columns on Automata, Complexity, Security, Semantics and Verification. Volunteers are requested to help with the running of SIGLOG and the newsletter. In particular there was interest expressed by some of those present in joining the SIGLOG education committee. There will be another event on the 22nd of July run by Rajeev Alur.

2nd VSL Joint Award Ceremony

The first VSL Joint Award Ceremony last week was a huge success. Join us today at 4.30pm in Main Building, Kuppelsaal for the second Joint Award Ceremony.

VSL Joint Award Ceremony

Kurt Gödel Medal

© Münze Österreich AG

In the Award Ceremony of the FLoC Olympic Games with a laudation by Edmund M. Clarke, the teams of 9 different competitions receive Gödel medals for their contributions to the development of efficient solvers from the wide field of satisfiability solvers to automatic theorem provers and term rewriters, from declarative logic programming solvers and ontology reasoners to automated software verifiers, from programs that check models of hardware designs to solvers that automatically synthesize computer programs, and to provers that test program termination.

Werner “Jimmy” DePauli-Schimanovich is being honored for his contributions to Gödel research, for his efforts towards re-establishing Vienna as a center of logic in the second half of the past century, and for extending the outreach of formal logic and logical thinking to other disciplines.

Zhang Mingyi is awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Kurt Gödel Society for pioneering research in Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Representation in China especially for mathematical characterizations of various forms of non-monotonic reasoning.

Maria Magdalena Ortiz de la Fuente is receiving the EMCL Distinguished Alumni Award 2014 for her outstanding contributions to the field of Computational Logic.

The award ceremony concludes with the FLoC closing of week 2.

  • FLoC Olympic Games Award Ceremony 2
    • Fifth Answer Set Programming Competition (ASPCOMP 2014)
    • The 7th IJCAR ATP System Competition (CASC-J7)
    • Hardware Model Checking Competition (HWMCC 2014)
    • OWL Reasoner Evaluation (ORE 2014)
    • Satisfiability Modulo Theories solver competition (SMT-COMP 2014)
    • Competition on Software Verification (SV-COMP 2014)
    • Syntax-Guided Synthesis Competition (SyGuS-COMP 2014)
    • Synthesis Competition (SYNTCOMP 2014)
    • Termination Competition (termCOMP 2014)
  • Werner Depauli-Schimanovich – Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Mingyi Zhang – Lifetime Achievement Award
  • European Masters Program In Computational Logic EMCL Distinguished Alumni Award
  • FLoC Closing Week 2

Additional Student Reception & Going out / Dancing

There will be an additional student reception tonight at 7pm in the Viennese pub Wieden Bräu (Waaggasse 5, 1040 Vienna – 5mins from the registration desk). 150 drink vouchers are available for participants with a student registration at the registration desk, first come first served.

For people who want to go out / dancing, we suggest to meet up at Flex (U2/U4 Schottenring by the river) at 11pm – daily starting tonight. There is a cover charge of a few euros, check the website for details.

Vienna Circle Tour today cancelled

We regret to announce that the Vienna Circle Guided Tour that should have started 10.30am today has to be cancelled. People registered for the tour should check their email for details.

We apologize for the inconvenience — for those of you still in Vienna on Wednesday morning (10.30): We received very positive feedback on the guided tours through the Secession building arranged specifically for VSL participants.

Directions to tonight’s banquet

Tonight’s banquet takes place in Orangerie at Schönbrunn Palace.
Public transport from the conference venue: Take line U4 to Schönbrunn.
Address Schönbrunner Schloßstraße 47, 1130 Vienna
Subway U4 (station Schönbrunn)
Tram lines 10 and 58 (station Schönbrunn Schlossallee)

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© Starmühler Agentur & Verlag

© Er. We 2011 (Flickr)

© Er. We 2011 (Flickr)

2014 CAV Award

2014 CAV Award

Guest post by Marta Kwiatkowska, Chair of the CAV Award Committee

2014 CAV AwardThe 2014 CAV Award was presented yesterday to Patrice Godefroid, Doron Peled, Antti Valmari, and Pierre Wolper “for the development of partial-order-reduction algorithms for efficient state-space exploration of concurrent systems.”

They developed efficient algorithms to explore the state space on-the-fly that have become the key component of explicit model checkers. Partial-order reduction is one of the major contributions to the field of automated verification in the last two decades. Its development contributed in a crucial way to make model checking successful and practically applicable to concurrent systems.

See press release at:

VSL Reception II

University of Vienna © University of Vienna

University of Vienna
© University of Vienna

The reception tonight takes place at the University of Vienna (Universitätsring 1, 1010 Vienna). Reachable by public transport from the conference venue with subway U2 (station Schottentor).

Herbrand Award

International Conference on Automated Deduction (CADE)
Herbrand Award for Distinguished Contributions to Automated Reasoning
presented to

Robert L. Constable

in recognition of his pioneering research in automated reasoning, such as his seminal contributions to the foundations of computational type theory; the creation of Nuprl, the first constructive type theory based theorem prover; the development of the correct-by-construction programming paradigm; and their applications to verification and synthesis of computer systems, including distributed computing.

Presented at

IJCAR 2014
The 7th International Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning
July 19, 2014

Maria Paola Bonacina
President of CADE Inc.